1. Introduction
  2. Linux Commands
  3. Linux Basics and Tips
  4. Modifying Your Partitions and Help on LILO
  5. Using RPM
  6. Installing Software Packages
  7. Configuring and Troubleshooting X
  8. Using 'chmod'



  1. Red Hat CD-ROM Installation
  2. Red Hat Hard Drive Installation


  1. Accessing Your Floppy Drive, CD-ROM Drive, and Other Partitions
  2. Adding a New User
  3. Compiling a New Kernel
  4. Setting Up Sound
  5. Playing Audio CDs
  6. Setting Up a Dialup PPP Connection
  7. Setting Up Ethernet
  8. Setting Up IP Masquerading
  9. Creating a Minimal Linux Filesystem

Server Setup

  1. Mail Server
  2. Nameserver
  3. Webserver

Software Setup

  1. IRC Client
  2. Netscape Navigator
  3. E-mail Client

X Stuff

  1. Installing and Upgrading X
  2. Installing Window Maker as Your Window Manager
  3. Running Multiple Sessions of X
  4. Remote X


  1. Contributing to Josh's GNU/Linux Guide
  2. Debian Tips and Tricks
  3. Filtering Mail with Procmail
  4. Filtering e-mails between users using qmail
  5. Setting Up Xscreensaver
  6. Sharing Files and Printers Over a Home Network with Samba
  7. Using SOCKS Proxy Firewalls on Linux


  1. About Joshua Go's Linux Guide
  2. Authors
  3. Download Everything
  4. Mirrors
  5. Support the Site
  6. Special Thanks


  1. Feedback Tips
  2. Mailing List

Other Resources

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