Feedback Tips

One of the key characteristics of many successful projects is the ability to take feedback and absorb change. This guide is only useful if it's relevant, up to date, and accurate. That's where you come in. Feedback about the content of this site is important, but to effectively manage my task of understanding and incorporating your comments, here are a few things you can do to help me out.

Correct Return Addresses

You may be writing from your newly installed Linux system using a native Linux e-mail application. The trouble is, a lot of times you'll have it misconfigured: if you are using pine or mail, they will take the hostname configured on the Linux machine as the e-mail address domain name. The problem is that the hostname on your Linux machine could be totally made up and not accessible to the rest of the Internet. If it's a bogus address, the tougher spam filtering mechanisms in place these days may even block your message from ever reaching me.

If you really want to play it safe, you should probably use webmail for correspondence.


For readability, try to write in several paragraphs when writing a longer e-mail. This is a good habit to develop in general. It seems natural for us to just type out what we're thinking to try to get everything up on the screen, and we may be able to follow what we wrote just fine. The problem is when others have to read our messages.

In short, help me help you. Write in several smaller paragraphs instead of a single huge one.

Submissions and Suggestions

If you think that there's some information missing in one of the pages and would like to send me a description of what you did, or would like to suggest some stuff, please do so! However, there are some things that I would like to bring out.

First of all, it would be nice if you could mention whether you want your name, e-mail address or website on the page, or if you want to remain anonymous. Mention the e-mail address you want it to link to; if it isn't specified then I'll just use the one that it is set to reply to.

Second, if you are contributing a useful tidbit, edit the content to the best of your ability. I'll do a final spelling and grammar check before I put it up, to make you look good.

Lastly, remember that your comments and suggestions are always welcome! Feedback is important to the vitality and usefulness of this guide, and every little tip helps.

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