Special Thanks

To Jesus Christ, who was sent from God the Father to die on the cross for all humanity. He has paid in full the penalty demanded of my sin, and now sits at the right hand of the Father. To Him I am forever grateful. I pray I'll be guided by His wisdom.

To my parents, Joseph and Zonhua Go, for buying me all this computer hardware and paying for upgrades. They're not perfect parents but they're perfect for me. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

To my sister, Jocelyn, who helped me get started on computers and would have taught me HTML if I hadn't gone and learned it myself. She's the only one in the family who I can really talk to about computers, and even she gets bored listening to me...

To Todd Cohen, Ben Meynell, and Eric Hidle, who put up with all of my questions as a Linux newbie. They deserve credit for getting me started with first documenting my experiences.

To Bernard Buster, who mailed a Red Hat Linux 4.0 CD-ROM to me for free.

To the administration at my middle school, Richardson Prep HI, who put a very strong emphasis on being able to write well.

To the Linux developer community for creating nice software for me to leech.

And to the readers of this guide, who have sent me honest comments, suggested improvements, and provided encouraging words.

Copyright © 1997-2001 Joshua Go (joshuago at users dot sourceforge dot net). All rights reserved. Permission to use, distribute, and copy this document is hereby granted. You may modify this document as long as credit to me is given.