About Joshua Go's Linux Guide

I started writing this GNU/Linux guide around January of 1997. The guide was originally called "Josh's Linux Page", and started out with everything heaped onto a single enormous webpage. The first section I ever wrote was a guide on how to install the CD-ROM distribution of Red Hat Linux 4.0, my first Linux distribution. The inspiration that started the guide was the frustration that grew out of my first attempted installation. The motivation that keeps this guide growing is the reader feedback I've received, which reassures me that people are actually reading this guide and being helped by it.

In a way, this guide represents the sum of my Linux knowledge. This guide has provided for its own growth. Sam Ockman, the founder of Penguin Computing, approached me about an internship at his startup. This internship gave me experience working with real-world DNS servers. Plugging a domain name server into the open Internet isn't something I could easily have done at home. Employers seem to like seeing this guide on my resume, and the knowledge that I've gained over the years continues to provide plenty of material to write about.

I use vim to edit the text for this site, and CVS on SourceForge to keep track of it. This guide is mirrored in case the main server is down.

This GNU/Linux guide is intended for beginners. It always has been and always will be.

Comments, questions, suggestions, corrections? Send them to joshuago at users dot sourceforge dot net.

Copyright © 1997-2006 Joshua Go (joshuago at users dot sourceforge dot net). All rights reserved. Permission to use, distribute, and copy this document is hereby granted. You may modify this document as long as credit to me is given.