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Created on December 5, 1997
Last updated: February 5, 1999

I've had a few requests to make the entire guide downloadable through a compressed format, so being the manipulable guy that I am, here's the whole site, all the pages, all the junk that's not included in the main index, and partially completed pages that haven't been linked to yet. It seems like a large amount of people are interested in downloading everything.

What is here is always the latest--with the latest changes, incomplete pages, everything. It may sometimes be a pain to archive everything in minor changes, but at least whoever downloads this gets the latest. Don't mind the "Last updated" part of this page; it's only in reference to this single page by itself, not the archive. To see what's new, check the ChangeLog.

You'll be better off using the .zip format if you're still running under Windows/DOS so that you can open it under WinZip, PKtools, or whatever you use. The tarred and gzipped file contains the same thing as the PKZipped format but is smaller and is intended for extraction on Unix systems. The tarred bzip2 format is for Unix systems as well but is less standard than gzip. It has stronger compression (on most types of files, including my site), so it's a faster download as well, provided that you have the proper tools to extract it.

This guide is available, compressed, in the following formats:

If you're using Netscape, try holding down shift and then click on the link. If you're using Lynx, highlight the link and press 'd'. In Internet Explorer, right-click, and choose "Save Target As" (or something like that).

Copyright © 1997-1999 Joshua Go (joshuago at users dot sourceforge dot net). All rights reserved. Permission to use, distribute, and copy this document is hereby granted. You may modify this document as long as credit to me is given.