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There are several ways you can support this site and its continued maintenance. Some ways are by giving back to the Linux community, and others are for motivating me to keep working. Don't feel obligated to support this site, however. It's just a little nice to get a little back in return for doing something fun.


Wherever you are in the world, I think it would be nice to hear back from those who have been helped by this site. Send your postcard to:

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Why do I like postcards? Postcards are physical things and they're harder to lose than e-mails.

Linux Central

Linux Central made a deal with me that if I linked to them, they would send me free CD-ROMs once in a while. As a show of good faith, they even sent me a bunch of Linux CD-ROMs before I even put this page up.

After I took a look at their website, I saw that their prices were pretty reasonable. They sell the CD-ROM sets of distributions as well as boxed sets, and other stuff.

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